The Solo GPC

Starting in January 2010, I began a chronicle of my one-on-one run of The Great Pendragon Campaign, played with my wife Des. This page collects all the game reports and analysis produced over the three-and-a-half years the campaign ran.

Analysis, Characters, & Commentary

How's This for Ambitious?
Campaign Beginnings
Sir Herringdale, Knight of the Yellow Hand
A New Coat of Arms
Sir Herringdale du Plain, Marshall of Salisbury
Lady Meleri of Broughton
The Great Pendragon Campaign: One Year On
The Solo GPC: Two Years On
Loholt, Squire of the White Horse
Special Recorded Edition
Any Interest in a Solo GPC Zine?
The Solo GPC: Three Years On
How I Run the Great Pendragon Campaign

Game Reports

485: Baptism By Fire
486: Watery Tarts Distributin' Swords
487: Not Quite Brokeback Castle
488: Sewing the Seeds
489: Love and Saxons
490 (Session 1): Triumph...and Tragedy
490 (Session 2): Watching the Wheels
491: Siege Terrible
492: High Treason!
493: A Terrible Gnashing of Teeth
494: On His Majesty's Secret Service
495: The Hall of the Dead
496: Anarchy in the U.K.
497: The Battle of Du Plain Castle
498 (Session I): Crossroads
498 (Session II): Lost in the Forest
499: The Return
500: A Lion in Summer
501: Weddings and Warfare
502: When It Rains...
503: The Fall of London
504: Giant Changes
505: The Year of the Three Battles
506: Through the Marshes of Avalon
507: Daggers at Broughton
508: The Battle of Nentley Marsh
509: Of Countesses and Earls...
510: ...and Of Boy Kings (Part I)
510: ...and Of Boy Kings (Part II)
510: ...and Of Boy Kings (Part III)
511: Ghosts of the Past
512: Three Feasts
513: Terrabil Swift Sword
514: Royal Wedding (Part I)
514: Royal Wedding (Part II)
515: The Grey Knight (Part I)
515: The Grey Knight (Part II)
515: The Grey Knight (Part III)
516: Echoes of the Past
517: Perish in Flames
518: The Battle of Badon Hill
519: Enter Meleri
520: Many Meetings
521: Her Father's Daughter
522: Missed Connections
523: Grave Concerns
524: The Knight of the Lake
525: The Goblin Market; or, "Puck You!"
A Winter Interlude
526: A Squire's Life
527: White Horse Vales
528: In the Service of Lancelot
529: Coming to a Head
530: Adventures on the Emerald Isle
531: Two Weddings and a Tournament
532: To Be a Queen's Knight
533: Ah, Paris
534: Roses and Thorns
535: Heavy Weighs the Crown
536: Low Hangs the Head Who Wears It
537: Up from the Buttery
538: It's May
539: The Runaway Squires
540: A Caged Lion
541: Weddings, Tournaments, and Feasts
542: There Wolf, There Castle
543: The Hard Rock Tournament
544: Bizarre Love Triangle
545: Blind Man's Bluff
546: Hunting the Troit Boar

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