Monday, March 23, 2015

Aaaaaand...I'm back

Oh, hi.

Things have been quiet here. I've been busy elsewhere. Seems like late winter/early spring are my time for embarking on hare-brained blogging marathons. Last year, I clogged up your feeds with two straight months of daily posting here at the RPG Corner. This year, it was three months of weekly(ish) updates over on my companion blog, the Miniatures Corner, as I embarked on the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

So that, along with my contributions to the Pendragon game line and my ongoing run-through of The Great Pendragon Campaign, explains my absence. But, of course, I haven't ever really been gone. I've been keeping an eye on the RPG world through my magic telescope.

"Yup...everyone's still insane. Excellent."
My intention here is to return to my semi-regular posting schedule now that the Challenge is wrapped up. Presented as much for my own future reference as for your reading enjoyment, here's a short list, in no particular order, of what I've been thinking about or reading lately, and what I'm hoping to post about over the remainder of the year.

  • I expect anyone reading this blog is also already following Monsters & Manuals, or one of the many other outlets that have covered this, but in case you somehow missed it...Yoon-Suin is finally out! I've been tracking this thing's development since noisms first started talking about it back in...2009, I think? Earlier? Anyway, I got my copy last week and have been dipping into it at my leisure ever since. It's a rich, wonderful setting, as I knew it would be, and I desperately want to run something with it. Crypts & Things, perhaps? I'm backing the Kickstarter for that game's second edition, and thus have access to the draft manuscript. Hmm. Oh, and I should probably combine it with my copy of Dungeon Dozen for maximum random table gonzo craziness! If I do anything noteworthy with this setting, I'll be sure to post about it here.
  • The other fantasy RPG I want to explore more this year is 5E D&D. I started off skeptical, having been burned by 3.x/Pathfinder and 4E, but I gradually came to realize 5E is much more my cuppa tea than those other editions. Hell, I've even been impressed by WotC's non-existent release schedule! Late last year, I decided I was going to have to own the three core books, and to look into doing something with them. I have notions of (finally) putting together a mercantile-and-raiding-focused Viking Rus' hexcrawl, or else going back and re-developing my science-fantasy setting that I started to sketch out for ACKS back when I was playing around with that system. We shall see. If WotC put out some sort of open license that's agreeable to the masses, perhaps I'll even give some thought to whipping things into a publishable format.
  • Speaking of publishing things, work continues on various NDA-protected Pendragon projects. I'm mostly functioning in the role of copy editor and occasional content contributor, not really handling the crunchy rules bits, but it's been a great game-design internship so far. I'm hoping to find the time to create some material to submit for Jason Richards' excellent Breachworld game, and I've also got a line on perhaps finally getting a chance to take a crack at an old idea for a Call of Cthulhu setting book, but I shall say no more at this time.
  • Speaking of the Great Old One, I've had the e-books of the latest edition of CoC in hand since early winter, and the hard copies should finally be coming out this spring. My copy of the new edition of Horror on the Orient Express squats obscenely upon my bookshelf, lowering and menacing, daring me to tackle it. And this I most certainly shall do once The Great Pendragon Campaign wraps up in the late summer/early autumn.
  • Despite the fact that my weekly group is basically already "booked up" through the end of the year, I keep fighting off strange urges to run Castle Falkenstein for them. Perhaps a short campaign in between Pendragon and Cthulhu? Perhaps.
  • As for the Solo GPC updates, these too are on the ol' to-do list. If you'd like to see them appear with greater frequency, click on over to Patreon and throw a few coins into the kitty!
  • Oh, and in July I'll be attending my first-ever Gen Con. Who knows what tales of wonder I'll bring back from there?
Phew! That's a big list! Time to get crackin'...
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