Friday, December 5, 2014

Book of the Warlord Now Available for Pendragon!

So as I wrote back in August, I've been contributing behind the scenes to development of various projects for the King Arthur Pendragon RPG. The usual NDA restrictions have prevented me from talking much about them, but the first fruit of these labors, undertaken with a truly phenomenal team of fellow fans helping Greg Stafford make this the best possible product it could be, is the Book of the Warlord. I'll let Stewart Wieck of Nocturnal Media, Pendragon's publisher, tell you a bit about it:
Dear Lords & Ladies, 
We are especially pleased with this one! Book of the Warlord is the biggest supplement for King Arthur Pendragon since the Great Pendragon Campaign — it is bursting with amazing material for your KAP game. And it's brand new on DTRPG. 
KAP-creator Greg Stafford, design & map savant Malcolm W. and a host of amazing fans helped create one of the greatest supplements ever for KAP. We say it in the text and believe it: this one is destined to be a classic. 
The PDF is available now, and we hope you'll hurry to the site and grab it. Your weekend will thank you. Plus, it's green for the holiday season. 
Hardcover and softcover print-on-demand will be added soon. We'll send a discount coupon to everyone who buys the PDF to reflect the discount you'll have when buying the POD and PDF at the same time. 
I'd love to see Book of the Warlord push onto the bestseller list at DTRPG, so I'll enter everyone who purchases the PDF into a drawing for a hardcover print copy.(*) This is good thru 12/12 at which time I'll order the hardback and you'll have it for the Christmas holiday. If you don't celebrate that particular day, then at least your Christian knight does! 
Thanks for supporting KAP! 
Stewart Wieck 
(*) If your account is set so that it doesn't reveal your email address, then I won't have a way to contact you if you win. Therefore, if such an anonymous person wins the hardback, I'll post the order number of the winner on the Pendragon forum at the Nocturnal Media website. You'll have to then contact me to claim your prize. Instructions will be on the forum for this as well. Good luck!

Seriously, there is so much good stuff in this book. Needless to say, I'm happy to see it finally available and am honored to have contributed in some small capacity to its publication. Now onto [redacted]!
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