Friday, June 20, 2014

[Solo GPC] 545: Blind Man's Bluff

Winter came to Broughton and brought with it tragedy. Graid's beloved wife, Lady Alis, gave birth to a son but did not survive the labor. Grieving, he ordered the hall draped in black, hired a nurse to look after his children, and departed for Sarum, where he intended to surround himself with the knights and ladies of the Earl's court.

At Sarum, Graid brooded. He wondered if the death of his wife had been caused by the machinations of Lady Madule of the Raven Hair. He publicly denounced her every chance he got, but at night his dreams were haunted by visions of the reclusive woman. He began to drink heavily, both to forget his grief and dull his strange feelings for Madule. It was in this altered state, then, that he set his sights on the beautiful young wife of the steward of Ebble Castle, Sir Melianus. Her name was Amide, and, despite being a newlywed, she was captivated by Graid's winish swagger. Their burgeoning affair was an open secret, particularly as the cold weather forced them to conduct their assignations inside Salisbury Castle - not the most private of locales for such scandalous behavior.

Sir Melianus was forced to stand by, impotent with rage. He was a knight of middling rank and advancing age, while Graid was the county's greatest living knight and young and handsome to boot. Even worse, he was a favorite of King Arthur, so there could be little hope for justice even if Melianus took his case to the High Court - or so he felt. To his closest confidants, he swore vengeance upon Graid, but he knew it would have to be undertaken on the sly. He would have to be devious and catch Graid at a vulnerable moment. And so he began to plot and plan. . .

Thursday, June 5, 2014

[Solo GPC] 544: Bizarre Love Triangle

The year got off to a great start for Sir Graid: he developed a Loyalty (vassals) passion, his harvest was once again excellent, his wife Alis gave birth to a son, and Graid was formally recognized as patriarch of his extended family. In fact, one of his cousins even sent Graid a bastard child to raise as his own, a request Graid magnanimously granted.

All these boons resulted in Graid putting on a few pounds of muscle as he slowly recovered from his brush with the Fae from some years previous...

Monday, June 2, 2014

Pendragon Bargain Alert!

The newest "Bundle of Holding" is all Pendragon!

(If you're not familiar with the BoH format, you pay what you want from a certain minimum on up - in this case $9.95 - and if you pay more than the current average donation - currently $18.95 - you get a bunch of cool bonus stuff. They've been known to add more content - which is fully accessible if you've already paid your money - as the BoH rolls on.)

The minimum threshold is perfect for prospective players, as it includes the core book, the Book of Knights and Ladies (expanded chargen options), and the Book of Records (a form-fillable character sheet PDF). The expanded bundle is perfect for GMs, as it includes The Great Pendragon Campaign, and the expanded battle system (Book of Battle and Book of Armies).

If there's one thing that's always bugged me about the latest edition of Pendragon, it's the high cost of the PDFs. This Bundle nicely eliminates that criticism for the period of time that it's up, which is for a full week from this check it out!

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