Monday, March 17, 2014

The Return of Chalk

My love for the classic Lone Wolf game books has been well-documented on this blog. A big part of my continuing appreciation of those books, beyond simple nostalgia, is the art of Gary Chalk, featured in the first eight books in the series. (Readers may also be familiar with Chalk's work via Talisman or his contributions to the Redwall series of kid's books.)

So imagine my complete surprise and utter delight upon finding out that Chalk has returned to the game book format (via an app), teaming up with none other than James Wallis to produce a new game book: Gun Dogs. Judging from the pics featured over on the Fighting Fantasist blog (and if you only click one link from this post, make it that one), Chalk is in prime Lone Wolf-y form here, with that great, grimy cod-Renaissance Fuck-Yeah-Old-School-British-Fantasy feel that I love so very dearly. In fact, there's only one way to sum up my feelings on the subject, really:

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