Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop] Day Eighteen

Day 18: First gaming convention you ever attended.

This one's easy, as I have yet to attend a gaming convention. I certainly wanted to go to one as a teen - it seemed a logical step in my development as a hobbyist - and we didn't lack for any in L.A. There were, I believe, three fairly sizable conventions every year. But even though they were technically being held "in" L.A., they were still located over an hour away (the joys of living in a sprawling metroplex!), plus there were those pesky entry fees and other logistical issues that were just too much for my pre-job, pre-driver's license adolescent mind to contemplate.

As I got older, I cooled on the idea of conventions, especially after I went to a couple comic conventions. There just wasn't a whole lot there that appealed to me any longer. Nowadays, I'm sort of fascinated by the gamers who primarily game at conventions. This seems to be especially prevalent in the U.K., but I could be wrong about that. It's strictly an anecdotal opinion. It strikes me as being clearly of the same hobby I'm involved in, yet somehow completely different. Sub-cultures, man.

And I've once again warmed to the idea of at least experiencing a convention. I would've loved to have gone to NecronomiCon last year, and I'm hoping I'll be in a good position to attend when it returns to Providence in 2015. In the meantime, conventions in my current state of residence are rather thin on the ground, but there are a couple comic-gaming-sci-fi-fantasy type affairs held every year (and again, about an hour away from me, though this time owing to not living in a metroplex...). Maybe I'll make it out to one this year.
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