Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop] Day Four

First dragon your character slew (or some other powerful monster).

It's time for me to hand in my D&D card.

I've already written about the fact that I've never really run dungeon-centric campaigns. Well, it gets worse: to my memory, and with just one debatable exception that I'll get to below, I don't think I've ever witnessed (either as player or DM) the slaying of a dragon at the hands of PCs. Oh yes, our "D&D" games through the years have featured few dungeons and even fewer dragons. The shame of it all.

Many powerful monsters have been slain in the course of 20+ years of play, of course, although none by me; the only times I've participated in campaigns that got to high enough level to merit such shenanigans, I've been the guy running the game.

There was the time Alex's high-level illusionist somehow managed to take out the Tarrasque (I can't remember if he killed it or just banished it). This was the same campaign that saw that character swimming to the bottom of the Lake of Endless Depths and taking out a demi-lich in its underwater tomb. (That was a particularly tense combat, with each spellslinger unleashing a no-save death/disintegration-type spell with an initiative modifier of "1" - it literally came down to who rolled the highest number on the d10 initiative dice.)

The one time I ran a game in which a dragon copped it, ironically, came during a campaign I was technically playing in. I had stepped in to do a guest spot as DM while my character was off on a side quest (and I'll be addressing that in an upcoming question). I had recently read an issue of Dragon magazine that featured some orbs of dragonkind, and I constructed a scenario in which the city of Westgate had been taken over by a blue dragon and his cult, and I placed an orb in a tomb accessible via the city's sewer system.

That was an epic session in general, and it culminated with the party retrieving the orb and using its power to turn the blue dragon to stone. I suppose that's good enough to count as a slaying, right? Certainly, I've never had anything like the picture below happen. Maybe one day...

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