Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Unabashed Gaming

After a three-episode soft launch, I'd like to formally announce that I've started a gaming podcast with one of the folks from my gaming group. It's the podcast Zak Smith calls "the least annoying RPG podcast I've heard in ages. Maybe ever."

The name of our podcast is Unabashed Gaming, and so far we've covered topics such as: techniques for running horror games, our thoughts on Dungeon World, RPG piledrivers, campaigns that end before their time, and sources of gaming inspiration.

We'd especially like to develop the podcast into a write-in or call-in format, where people can send us questions or issues they have relating to tabletop gaming and we can then discuss the submissions on the podcast. Sort of like a Loveline, but for RPGs. I'll leave it up to the listeners to decide which one of us is Dr. Drew and which one is Adam Corolla.

At any rate, the podcast blog is located here, or you can subscribe directly through iTunes or your subscription service of choice. I hope you check it out and enjoy what you hear!
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