Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My RPG Person Profile, October 2013

It's been kinda quiet here, and a good idea is a good idea. I'm going to copy this post into its own page and try and keep that updated as best I can.

I'm currently running (at home): I just wrapped a Deadlands: Reloaded campaign, and am planning to run "Horror on the Orient Express" starting after the holidays. In the meantime, I'll be running a variety of one-shots and getting some player time in as some of the other group members do the same.

Tabletop RPGs I'm currently playing (at home) include: Whatever one-shots my fellow group members choose to run over the winter. This Sunday I'll be playing in a zombie-themed game (most likely using the Zombi system, although the GM hasn't made up her mind yet).

I'm currently running (online): Dungeon Crawl Classics for my old California group.

Tabletop RPGs I'm currently playing (online) include: None.

I would especially like to play/run: An online game of my Rifts:2112 BRP hack, the Great Pendragon Campaign with my tabletop group, Dungeon World or any of the Apocalypse World Engine games.

...but would also try: Hellfrost, Planet Motherfucker, or Day After Ragnarok for Savage Worlds, Beyond the Wall, AD&D 1e, Palladium Fantasy or TMNT.

I live in: Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2 or 3 well-known RPG products other people made that I like: "Masks of Nyarlathotep" for Call of Cthulhu, the King Arthur Pendragon RPG, the old "Historical Reference" series for AD&D.

2 or 3 novels I like: Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Tales of the Dying Earth, The Sword of Samurai Cat

2 or 3 movies I like: Porco Rosso, Cat People, Army of Darkness

Best place to find me on-line: Right here at this blog; I'm also on Facebook quite a bit.

I will read almost anything on tabletop RPGs if it's: Chock-a-block full of enthusiasm and stealable ideas; bonus points if it's related to Pendragon or BRP.

I think dead orc babies are ( circle one: funny / problematic / ....well, ok, it's complicated because....): I like putting PCs into moral quandries; I've always wanted to try and introduce an arc where the PCs adopt an orc baby after inadvertently wiping out everyone else. But dead orc babies can indeed be problematic, especially if you get a player who takes too much pleasure in being the one to make them dead; as another person said in answering this question, it's the downside of Gygaxian naturalism. There's a strong argument to made in favor of orcs being devil-spawned monstrosities.

Games I'm in are like this.

Free RPG Content I made for Rifts is available here.

Free RPG Content I made for Pendragon is available here and here.

Free RPG Content I crowd-sourced for users of the hallowed d30 is available here.
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