Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Season of Endings

Des and I played our final Solo GPC session last night. After nearly four years, our Pendragon campaign has ended. (And now I can get back to work on writing up session narratives. Just 25 game years to catch up on...)

If everything plays out as anticipated, my Sunday group's Deadlands campaign will be wrapping up in two sessions' time. Session 23 should be the finale. We'll then see a pause before the next big thing - "Horror on the Orient Express" for Call of Cthulhu - jumps off early next year. (I'm waiting on the Kickstarted new edition to drop, then want to take time to prep, as well as wait out the hectic and cancellation-prone holiday season.) We'll likely fill the gap until then with one-shots and short-arc campaigns.

The Deadlands campaign has been running since March. I hadn't anticipated it taking this long, but here we are. Time long ago, running a consistent campaign for six months was but a pipe dream. Never mind running an on-again, off-again campaign over nearly four years. I'm happy to be at a place where such campaign epics are the norm.

Because we're nearly at the big final boss fight in our Deadlands campaign, we took a break this week due to an anticipated player absence - we want to make sure we've got everyone along for the final push. I took the opportunity to run the group through a session of Dungeon World. I've been quite taken with the "Apocalypse World Engine" that powers DW; I think it has serious potential to fill that third, "narrative" spot in my trifecta of go-to systems. (I still want to take FATE for a spin so I can compare and contrast the two.) So there's a seed of new beginnings there.

Still, I can't help but feel a bit...deflated, what with these two huge campaigns wrapping up so closely together. On the other hand, I'm looking forward to a winter of noodling around. A nice breather before the next big venture.

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