Monday, April 29, 2013

Your Rhetorical GM Style

I came across this tidbit from the always-entertaining You Chose Wrong tumblr and immediately recognized the prose style. Sure enough, the caption credits the passage to Lone Wolf Book 4: Chasm of Doom.

I got my start as a GM around the age of ten by reading aloud from the Lone Wolf books for a friend during lunch breaks. I would read the text, he would make the choices. This was in addition to my devouring the books on my own, time and time again. Reading the books out loud as well as reading them to myself ensured that the way those books were written was indelibly pressed into the soft jelly of my still-developing gray matter.

When I did eventually start running proper RPGs, I stole liberally from the plots, no doubt - but I also took much of my "rhetorical style" as a GM from Joe Dever's prose. Words like "desperate" and "sickening" have always been in my quiver of GM adjectives, as have superfluous modifiers like the "river" in "river boulder". I showed the Chasm of Doom entry to my wife and she agreed that it sounds a lot like how I describe events in-game even to this day.

I wonder if any other GMs reading this can identify a similarly strong influence on their style of narrating game events?
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