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[Rifts:2112] Cihuateteo Stats for BRP

Art by Lucas Graciano
Following up on my last post, here are some Basic Roleplaying stats I cooked up for the cihuateteo and the "wild vampire" (also known as the chupacabra by locals, a reflection of a folk memory of a pre-Rifts myth).

(based on the template in GURPS Horror and the BRP Vampire)

STR 3D6x2 (20-22)
CON 3D6x2 (20-22)
SIZ 2D6+6 (13)
INT 2D6+6 (13)
DEX 3D6 (10-11)
APP 2D6 (7)

Move: 12
Hit Points: 16-17
Damage Bonus: +1D6
Armor: None
SAN loss: 1/1D6

Dodge 50%, Etiquette 50%, Fly 90%, Hide 70%, Insight 60%, Jump 75%, Language (usually Mexican or American) 50%, Listen 60%, Persuade 60%, Sense 75%, Spot 75%, Stealth 80%, Track 75%.

Bite: 50%, 1D4+half-db (bleeding) + Blood Drain (see below)
Claw: 50%, 1D4+db (bleeding)
Grapple: 75%, special
Steal Life: POW vs. POW (special; see below)

A cihuateteo can make one bite and two claw attacks per round, or it may attempt a single claw and a hypnotic gaze attack. If it succeeds in both claw attacks and a bite attack, it will grapple its target and drain their blood temporarily each round until the target is incapacitated. It cannot attempt to Dodge during a round it bites. Claw attacks can be made even when the cihuateteo is dematerialized, but it must materialize to deliver a bite attack.


Blood Drain: A cihuateteo that successfully bites and damages a target can drain 1D6 STR from that target for each subsequent round it is able to stay attached to the target, using normal grappling rules. If the target has lost all his or her STR, the cihuateteo can choose instead to drain CON from the victim. At 0 CON, the victim dies. Providing that the victim has not died, these characteristic points are not permanently lost and regenerate at the rate of 1 point per day of relative rest, or twice that long if the character is not resting. If more than one characteristic is drained, alternate recovery each day to recover 1 point of STR, then 1 point of CON, etc. Power points regenerate normally.

A cihuateteo uses Blood Drain to recoup its own power points - being undead it has no POW characteristic of its own. STR and CON drained are transferred by the bloodsucker at the rate of 1 POW point per 3 STR or CON points devoured.

(Note that the cihuateteo prefer to suck the blood of infants, despite their smaller STR and CON scores - this is partly because infants can't resist nearly as effectively as adults, and partly due to the cihuateteo's own demented and demoniacal motivations.)

Fly: Cihuateteos can fly at a rate of 24.

Hypnotic Gaze: If the cihuateteo overcomes a target's POW with its current power points on the Resistance Table, the target is hypnotized, and can be made to follow simple instructions. If these instructions are self-destructive, at the start of a round the character can attempt an Idea roll to snap out of it.

Immaterial: The cihuateteo is a malignant spirit and is naturally immaterial like a Ghost. They must materialize to feed and to manipulate solid objects. This costs 1 point of POW per minute. While immaterial, the cihuateteo can only be harmed by its weaknesses (see below), magic, psionics, or other immaterial creatures. Unlike the Intangibility power, the immaterial cihuateteo may not move through solid objects at will. They may do so by expending one point of POW per point of SIZ per round.

Night Sight: Cihuateteos have a natural ability similar to the Super Senses of Dark Vision, Infrared Vision, and Night Vision at a level equal to half (rounded down) of the fiend's current power points.

Regeneration: Unless it is damaged through one of the traditional means (see below), a cihuateteo will regenerate 1D3 HP per combat round, even if reduced to zero or fewer hit points. If it is in direct sunlight, it cannot regenerate damage and must heal normally. Damage caused by a source of weakness  does not regenerate, and heals at the normal rate.

Shape Shifting: The cihuateteo can transform itself into a rattlesnake at a cost of 3 power points. The power is identical to Change Form. Use the physical statistics for a Venomous Snake for the cihuateteo's abilities while in this form.

Steal Life: A cihuateteo can opt to drain POW via seduction rather than blood drain. To attempt this, the cihuateteo must have succeeded in a grapple attack against the target (or touched an incapacitated or unaware target), and on the subsequent round can attempt a resistance roll of its current POW versus the target's current POW. Armor does not protect against this attack. If the cihuateteo succeeds, it drains 1D3 POW from the target, which is transferred directly to the creature's current POW total. The cihuateteo must remain in contact with the target each round to continue this drain, and must succeed with a resistance roll each combat round while it attempts this power. The victim will recover these lost power points normally.

However, if the victim is ever reduced to a POW score of 0, he transforms into a "wild vampire." Being of little further use to the cihuateteo, they are usually either killed outright through blood drain, or else used as fodder or turned loose into the wild. As they have no natural POW score, wild vampires are especially susceptible to the hypnotic gaze of the cihuateteo and are often used as pawns in their schemes.


Blood Thirst: As creatures with no natural POW, cihuateteos must expend a point of POW every morning or collapse, the malignant spirits forced to return to the otherworld. Additionally, every hour of exposure to sunlight forces the cihuateteo to spend a point of POW. Under normal circumstances, a cihuateteo will have an effective POW score of 2D6+6. If the cihuateteo reaches a POW score of 1 or 2, all of its rolls are considered Difficult due to its weakness and the roaring thirst that consumes it.

Daylight: In addition to needing to expend POW to move around in sunlight, the cihuateteo cannot regenerate, shape change, or use its hypnotic gaze. While out in sunlight, all skill rolls are considered Difficult. For this reason, cihuateteos are traditionally nocturnal.

Decapitation: A materialized cihuateteo who has been decapitated is dead, will not regenerate, and can never rise from the dead.

Fire: Cihuateteos take double damage from fire, whether issued through a power or an environmental effect. Materialized cihuateteos are considered to be flammable, if a character attempts to set one afire using a torch, power, or weapon. A cihuateteo reduced to zero hit points solely through fire damage is dead, will not regenerate, and can never rise from the dead.

Stakes: If a wooden stake or arrow is driven through a cihuateteo's heart and causes at least 1 point of damage, it will immediately materialize (if it is not already) and become transfixed, unable to move or use any of its powers or skills. A strike to the heart occurs whenever a wooden weapon achieves an impaling or critical result on a Difficult attack. For example, someone shooting a cihuateteo with a bow skill of 80% must achieve an impale success on a roll of 40%. In this case, a roll of 01 through 08 will succeed in staking the vampire through the heart. A traditional wooden stake does 1D3+db and has 6 HP, with a base chance of 15%.

Wild Vampires, aka Chupacabras
(based on the BRP Ghoul)

Once a cihuateteo reduces one of her slaves to zero POW, the former human becomes a creature not quite mortal, not quite undead. These pathetic specimens enjoy greater freedom of movement and suffer fewer weaknesses than their undead mistresses, but they too lack a POW score and must steal from the living to sustain their unholy existence. The process of transforming into a chupacabra reduces the poor soul to a state of bestial temperament with little guiding intelligence. Their grip on the world of the living is extremely tenuous, and a wild vampire that goes too long without feeding will eventually crumble to grave dust.

Chupacabras gain POW by consuming corpses, at the rate of 1 point of POW per 3 SIZ points devoured. As creatures with no natural POW, wild vampires must expend a point of POW every morning or collapse. If this happens, the chupacabra's animated corpse will rapidly decompose and it will be dead. Additionally, every hour of exposure to sunlight forces the chupacabra to spend a point of POW. Under normal circumstances, a wild vampire will have 1D6+6 power points stored.

STR 4D6 (14)
CON 3D6 (10-11)
SIZ 2D6+6 (13)
INT 2D6 (7)
DEX 3D6 (10-11)
APP 2D6 (7)

Move: 8
Hit Points: 12
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Armor: None (may wear armor)
SAN loss: 1/1D4

Climb 60%, Dodge 45%, Grapple 50%, Hide 35%, Jump 50%, Listen 60%, Sense 40%, Spot 50%, Stealth 60%

Claw 30%, 1D6+db (bleeding)
Bite 30%, 1D6+db (bleeding)
Howl 100%, special (see below)


Howl: Wild vampires use a blood-chilling howl in combat against anyone in relatively close proximity (half the creature’s CON in meters). When a chupacabra howls, make a resistance roll of its current POW versus each target’s INT. If more than one wild vampire howls, use only the total of the creature with the highest POW for the resistance roll. If a target is overcome, he or she becomes stunned until all howling stops. If a character resists the howl’s effects, he or she must try again on the next round. A character that successfully resists for five successive combat rounds becomes immune to its effects for a period of time at the GM’s discretion (weeks, months, years, or even permanently, or until the character has forgotten the how the howl sounds). The chupacabra's howl costs 1 power point to use. The magic spells of Countermagic and Resist Magic do not protect against this howling attack.

Super Sense (Night Vision): Number of levels equal to half (rounded down) the chupacabra's INT.

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