Monday, September 24, 2012

Wiped Out

I'm normally not a big believer in "sorry for the lack of posts"-type posts, but I just wanted to let all my readers know that, although I'm still here, things are likely to remain fairly quiet around the ol' RPG Corner for the near-future. Without going into the gruesome details, I suffered life-threatening complications during what was supposed to be a quick and easy surgical procedure. The good news is that I've been making steady progress towards recovery and it looks like I'll get out of this without any long-term side-effects, but right now most of my energy is turned inwards towards healing.

Of course, being the hardcore gamer that I am, this hasn't prevented me from ogling certain products that have become available over the last few weeks:

The Horror on the Orient Express kickstarter!

S. John Ross's "All Systems" edition of Uresia: Grave of Heaven!

The Book of the Entourage for Pendragon!

I'll know I've really turned a corner when I can once again sit down and roll some dice with good friends, and I don't think that day is too far off. But in the mean time...

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