Thursday, August 9, 2012

Any Interest in a Solo GPC Zine?

As my Pendragon actual play posts roll along (I'm currently writing up reports for years 534 and 535 and we're due to play 536 sometime in the next week, meaning we've now officially got less than 30 years to go in the campaign chrnology), I've been mulling over how to collate existing posts.

I've had a couple commenters suggest/request an omnibus PDF of all the posts, and that's certainly an idea, but I feel like a project of this scope deserves something a little more...special, I guess? I've been thinking of putting out the posts as individual PDF and maybe even print zines. I've even been mulling over replacing the pictures I culled off the Internet with original art.

Would there be any interest in such a venture? If the updates were printed on good-quality paper and staple-bound, would there be enough monetary interest to cover the costs?

Any other suggestions on how you'd like to see the Solo GPC collected would be welcome!
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