Tuesday, April 24, 2012

[Solo GPC] 531: Two Weddings and a Tournament

The arms of Sir Loholt
And so the Romance Period begins. This year, 531, used to be the default starting time for a "by the book" Pendragon campaign. Although I didn't start playing Pendragon in earnest until shortly after 5th edition came out (with its default starting year of 485), the majority of my campaigns, both as GM and player, have ended up centering around this time. So Des and I are in familiar waters.

It's easy to see why 531 used to be the default starting year. If you're going to start out during Arthur's reign, it's a good time to start. This is when chivalry enters its full flower, when tournaments replace battles as the venue to demonstrate a knight's courage, when heraldry and pennants and trappers turn those tournament fields into a riot of colors. Fortresses finally start to look like what we think of when we hear the word "castle." The land is at peace, Adventure and Quest rule the day, and things haven't started to go down the toilet yet. Soon enough. In the meantime, it is morning in Britain again and our hero is a young knight out to fill the shoes of his father and win the heart of his true love. To Adventure, then!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[Solo GPC] Special Recorded Edition

I'm a fan of actual play podcasts and for tonight's Pendragon session, Des and I decided to switch on the recorder and post the results. If you're so inclined, here follows a little over two hours' worth of dice rolling, bad accents, Irish jokes, Simpsons references, Juggalo bashing, sounds of our dog chewing a bone in the background, Des getting up and wandering away from the table several times, commentary about my fancy new GM screen, and much more zany Pendragon action:

Direct download link

A regular write-up for this year will be forthcoming at the usual glacial pace; once that's up, if you're really obsessive you can compare and contrast the differences between the "real thing" and how I write it all up.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[Solo GPC] 530: Adventures on the Emerald Isle

When we last left off, our hero Loholt - at the tender age of 18 - had been made a knight. More than that, he had been recognized as one of two potential heirs to the throne of the kingdom, bastard though he may be. So did the newly-minted Sir Loholt's first full year as a knight live up to expectations? Read on...

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