Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[Save vs. Sketchbook] Kickin' It Old School

Last summer I spent a few fevered evenings compiling my personal vision of an old school, sandbox-oriented set of D&D rules. It was sort of an intellectual exercise; if, back in the Golden Age, every DM's version of D&D was different, what would mine look like?

So I took the Word DOC of Swords & Wizardry: White Box and went to town, incorporating some of my favorite bits and pieces produced by the OSR (our modern equivalent of Dragon, zines, and Judges' Guild) over the last 3+ years into a single, holistic document. For a setting I went with the good ol' Wilderlands, but threw out about 90% of it. I then brought some elements back in via Scott's Wilderlands of Darkling Sorcery, Realms of Crawling Chaos, and a couple other supplements.

Having completed this monumental task, the document sat on my computer, patiently awaiting my return. And last month return I did, proofing and editing but not really adding or subtracting a whole lot. I'm pretty happy with what I produced. So happy, in fact, that I'm going to be putting the "Wilderlands of Swords and Wizardy" into play next week, starting up a bi-weekly and extremely casual sandbox campaign with a couple old friends, members of my original high school gaming group, via Google Hangout.

As I went through the editing and proofing, a devious thought occurred to me. Why not get this stuff into publishable condition so that I can have Lulu run off a couple vanity copies for me and my group? A capital idea. Of course, as long as I'm going to the trouble of laying out and publishing the thing I might as well include some art, right? And so a madcap scheme was born. Alex and I are both artistically-inclined. Why not produce a couple dozen illustrations to spruce up the book (which I've since decided to split into the classic three-volume, digest-sized set)? Why not indeed.

Enough talk. Here are the first two pieces Alex has sent me.

For myself, I think I'll be doing borders and marginal silhouettes in the manner of Gary Chalk. I might be able to recruit another friend to submit a few pics as well. I'm pretty excited about producing a fun little vanity project like this. It will make a great gaming artifact for my collection. I'm almost certain that everything I used was either OGL or offered up for free on blogs and online resources. If that's the case, I'll post a PDF of the volumes here on the blog once they're done.

Seriously, What Am I Supposed to Do With This?

I'm not normally one to post about technical issues with Blogger, but this is just too much:

That right there is an example of one of the new kinds of captchas Blogger's deploying in the comments section. I encountered this little beastie over on Monsters & Manuals, but I'm sure it could turn up anywhere. Now, as I'm on a Mac I'm quite confident there's some arcane, finger-breaking keystroke combination I could bust out on my keyboard to produce that...letter. (The name escapes me at the moment; I'm sure a few of my erudite readers know it.) But ye gods! We are not living in Anglo-Saxon England, Blogger programmers!

By purest coincidence, I disabled captchas on this very blog's comment section just last week. Good timing! I'd recommend all you Blogger bloggers out there do the same. Just set comment moderation to posts older than X number of days and you should be fine. (Ninety-nine percent of my spam comes in via old posts anyway.)

Crikey. Time for another pic unrelated since my last one was such a hit. Uh...here we go:

Pic unrelated

Sunday, February 12, 2012

[Solo GPC] 528: In the Service of Lancelot

At the conclusion of this year's adventure, Des told me she's really been enjoying these short squire adventures. By necessity, they can't be very epic or terribly deadly due to Loholt's below-average stats (although they're quickly catching up to normal levels). I agreed; they've been a nice break. I also mentioned that shit's going to get real soon enough, to which she replied, "Oh, I know!" with a wicked gleam in her eye. But we're definitely enjoying this slight change of pace before we get back into proper full-on knight action. And so once again we join Loholt at Uffington Manor. What will another year in the life bring to our plucky young squire?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

[Solo GPC] 527: White Horse Vales

Here's an adventure I've been looking forward to running not just since the inception of the GPC but basically since I first bought the Pendragon 4th Edition rulebook. Included in that tome (oddly in two versions, one short and one long) is a scenario called the "Adventure of the White Horse". Ever since it became evident that we'd most likely be starting with Loholt as a squire or very young knight, I've been planning on running this adventure for him. Truth be told, it's the whole reason I had him squired at Uffington (the fact it made narrative sense for him to be sent to study under the father of Countess Katherine was only icing on the cake).

So after all those years of anticipation, how did it measure up? Read on...

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