Friday, January 27, 2012

[Solo GPC] Loholt, Squire of the White Horse

We're a couple sessions into the new year of Pendragon gaming with Des's new character, Loholt. As mentioned before, with Meleri's premature retirement we decided to roll with the changes and bring in Arthur's illegitimate son (via Meleri) while he's still a squire. The first two years of Loholt's squireship have been full of fun teenage drama and unexpected twists and he's well on the path to knighthood. Here are his stats (after two years of play) at the beginning of what will hopefully prove an illustrious career befitting the son of a king and queen!

Personal Data
Age: 16
Son Number: 1
Homeland: Carlion
Culture: Roman
Religion: Roman Christian
Liege Lord: Earl Robert of Salisbury
Current Class: Squire
Current Home: Uffington

SIZ 12
DEX 16
STR 10
CON 12
APP 15

Damage 4d6
Healing Rate 3
Move Rate 2
Distinctive Features: Red Hair; Piercing Gaze
Hit Points 24
Unconscious 6

Family Characteristic: Keen on Status

Personality Traits
Chaste/Lustful 17/3; Energetic/Lazy 10/10; Forgiving/Vengeful 14/6; Generous/Selfish 10/10; Honest/Deceitful 8/12; Just/Arbitrary 10/10; Merciful/Cruel 15/5; Modest/Proud 12/8; Pious/Worldly 8/12; Prudent/Reckless 10/10; Temperate/Indulgent 14/6; Trusting/Suspicious 8/12; Valorous/Cowardly 16/4

Chivalry Bonus: NO
Religion Bonus: NO

Loyalty (Lord) 11
Love (Family) 10
Hospitality 5
Honor 18
Hate (Pellinore's Murderer) 8
Amor (Orlande) 36

Skills: Awareness (7); Chirurgery (5); Dancing (2); Faerie Lore (1); Falconry (2); Flirting (3); Gaming (2); Heraldry (7); Hunting (5); Law (14); Orate (8); Play: Harp (1); Read: Latin (4); Recognize (2); Religion: Roman Christian (2); Romance (4); Singing (1); Stewardship (2); Swimming (2); Tourney (2)

Combat Skills: Battle (7); Siege (5); Horsemanship (12); Sword (5); Lance (9); Spear (2); Dagger (5)

Equipment: Chainmail armor (10 points); Shield (6 points); Sword; Spear (5); Charger (White Star); Rouncey (2); Sumpter; Arm Ring of Chastity

Since Loholt spent the majority of his childhood in residence at Carlion with Meleri, Des decided he identified more with the culture of that city (Roman) than of his "homeland" Salisbury (Cymric). Romans are much more court-oriented (their special skill of Law encompasses Courtesy, Intrigue, and Folk Lore), but this is well-timed as we're gearing up to head into the Romance period. And speaking of Romance - check out that Amor passion! The love story will begin to unfold with the first session update (Year 526), so you'll just have to wait for the details. Also of note in Loholt's passions are his abysmally low Hospitality (I guess he's got a lot to learn about being a proper host) and his lack of the family Hate (Saxons) passion - he's trying to move past old prejudices in this new world. Loholt's family gift turned out to be an Arm Ring of Chastity; perhaps it was given him by King Alain so Loholt might avoid some of the pitfalls of lust that tripped up his mother and grandfather?
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