Sunday, November 27, 2011

WTF White Wolf?

So as you might have inferred from the quiet atmosphere around here lately, I've sort of been unplugged from the online gaming world for the last couple months; haven't been posting, haven't been reading. As I'm slowly plugging myself back in, I now discover that apparently White Wolf Game Studios is possibly defunct?

Art by Carol Cavalaris
Wikipedia paints a very gloomy picture; the unofficial White Wolf wiki is not quite as dire, but undeniably grim as well.

Regardless of the true extent of the damage and the company's (lack of a) future, this news makes me very sad. I got into gaming right as Vampire: the Masquerade was blowing up in a big way. For me, the World of Darkness has just always been there in the background, as much a part of the gaming hobby as D&D or Call of Cthulhu and White Wolf has always been an industry giant. Granted, I knew that the WoD has waned in popularity over the last decade and wasn't nearly as red hot as it was in the Nineties, but I didn't think things were that bad. Personally, I've had a bit of a star-crossed relationship with the WoD, particularly Vampire, always wanting to get into the game but being stymied for a variety of Byzantine reasons.

Ironically, earlier this month I (finally) picked up the nWoD core rule book and have been loving it. The refocus of the new edition brings the world more in line with how I always envisioned it; gone are the days of trenchcoat-wearing goth superheroes, thank god. The nWoD seems to be more of a general horror game now, which is great. A nice companion to the highly specific horror of Call of Cthulhu. But it was in the course of Googling around to catch myself up on the state of the WoD game line that I discovered the links above. My star-crossed relationship continues, it would seem.

Another pillar of my hobby experience crumbling? Say it ain't so!
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