Monday, September 26, 2011

Wot's been going on

Been a little quiet around here lately. Just one of those months, I guess. For myself, my absence has been for the right reasons: I've been pretty immersed in funtime gaming projects. As predicted, having a turn on the player's side of the table has been really refreshing, and I've been happily scribbling notes and assembling folders in anticipation of my return to the GM throne. I've also been doing a bit of minis painting, so expect a picture post in the near future.

I have a Pendragon actual play post that's due up soon, but the GPC campaign is now on break while Des is running the Pendragon group game. We decided we didn't want to burn out on the game and jeopardize either campaign. So in addition to making plans for what I'll be running for the group once Des wraps up her Pendragon campaign, I started cooking up a little mini-campaign to run solo with Des. Since it's just the two of us, I get to be a little experimental with both rules and concept.

A couple months ago, after seeing some interesting GURPS-related blog posts and Christian's excellent GURPS write-ups in his Loviator zine, I started thinking about the system again. Longtime readers may recall that GURPS and I parted ways a while back, but I never completely swore off the system and I think I'm ready to approach it from a fresh angle and see how things go. We'll be using GURPS Lite on the player's side, GURPS Ultra-Lite on the GM's side, adding rules and such on an as-needed basis. In terms of scope, I'm following my own advice and starting very small in terms of both setting and power scale, then moving out in ever-expanding circles. The campaign concept is a sort of Supers-Illuminati mishmash. My "elevator pitch" conceptualization is, "What if X-Men: First Class had been written by David Cronenberg and directed by John Waters?" Needless to say, I'm very much looking forward to finding out.

(Oh, and as long as I'm talking GURPS, Peter Dell'Orto [of GURPS Martial Arts fame] has started up an excellent blog that looks at running classic D&D-inspired fantasy with GURPS. Check it out!)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Guess Who Likes You?"

I received a most unexpected surprise on my doorstep today: a mystery benefactor sent along my GM badges in pin form via Cafe Press:

With apologies to Scott Driver for stealing his Hipstamatic
The pins are really top notch quality. I think I'll stick them to my GM screen, or maybe decorate the lapel of my leather jacket like so. (Seriously.) I'm really flattered that someone would see fit to send along a gift inspired by this humble little blog. Mystery Person, you made my week!
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