Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekend Fulla Gaming

This weekend should be lots of fun.

Tomorrow Des and I will finally be sitting down once again for Pendragon and we're hoping this will get us back on our semi-regular track. I'm particularly excited since this'll be a fresh start with a new character (and a lady no less!), so it's sort of a blank slate situation with many wide-open possibilities. Look for a session summary some time next week.

Then on Sunday my Cthulhu group will be convening for the final adventure in our campaign arc. I've been running a campaign set in San Francisco in the Twenties centering around the machinations of Yog-Sothoth and its worshippers and it's been tremendous fun. Last session ended with the group being sucked into an alternate dimension that exists inside Yog-Sothoth (if you've read the "Beyond the Edges" scenario in Secrets of San Francisco you'll know where this is going...). Win or lose, this will be the end of the campaign as it currently stands. (And I've got a couple "Superlative Death" awards printed out and ready for those moments of heroic sacrifice or batshit insanity.) We've even got one of the founding members of the group who moved away last spring joining us for the last hurrah.

We'll be celebrating with a big dinner bash after the scenario wraps up. Des is making Cthulhu-themed cupcakes from the Arkham Bakery cookbook and there'll be lots of other tasty dishes: quiches, homemade guac and onion dip, pasta, "Necronomicookies" and a few more things besides. Someone's even bringing along their homebrew beer for that authentic Prohibition-era "bathtub gin" effect.

This campaign, started back in February, was my first experiment in nearly a decade with putting together a group from scratch comprising strangers. Unlike my 2002 experience (which I should really write about one of these days for the lulz) this has been a roaring success. I suspect it's because this time I was running Cthulhu whereas in '02 I was running vanilla 3.0 D&D. Running a marginal game that demands very specific tastes is both a boon and a curse: you're dealing with a much narrower pool of potential players, but you're almost certainly going to attract like-minded individuals, which is definitely the case with my current group.

We'll be discussing where to go from here over dinner. If the group pulls off a miracle and survives this last session more or less intact, I'd be happy to carry on with the campaign. I'm also mulling running Cthulhu Invictus or Mythos-inflected D&D (using some combination of LotFP and Realms of Crawling Chaos). I also have a couple non-Cthulhu ideas in mind that I think the group might still dig on, like Day After Ragnarok or even Castle Falkenstein. We shall see. All that I know for sure is that this weekend's going to be packed to gills with gaming.

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