Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Announcing The Order of the d30 Concordance (Beta)!

Sure to cause as much of a stir as a certain other recently released Beta version, here at long last is The Order of the d30 Concordance--in Beta flavor!

Click the d30 to unlock the magic.
(This is my first time uploading something to Google Sites, so please let me know if there are any difficulties accessing or downloading the file.)

Featuring contributions from a wide range of illustrious and wildly inventive bloggers, this Beta version is lean and mean, 100% pure content, and free from any implications of expected play styles or philosophies on the uses of shields.

And yes, it's a Beta version, so please hit me up at the email address shown at left under the "About Me" section if you have any sort of feedback, constructive criticism, or fresh contributions. A snazzier, sleaker, and (dare I say?) sexier version will be released some time in the near future (counted in Palladium time, unfortunately).
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