Saturday, April 23, 2011

What This Guy Said

Remember when inspiration came from the outside world, not just the closed circuit, self-referential fan service sub-culture?
I am tired of zombies. I am tired of Joss Whedon. I am tired of steampunk. I am tired of Monty Python. I am tired of zombies. I am tired of ninjas. I am tired of Batman. I am tired of bacon. I am tired of Star Wars. I am tired of Nintendo. I am tired of zombies. I am tired of Halo. I am tired of elves. I am tired of Cthulhu. I am tired of Boba Fett. I am tired of zombies. I am tired of pirates. I am tired of Battlestar Galactica. I am tired of mecha. I am tired of superheroes. I am tired of Star Trek. I am tired of “funny” bands. Have I mentioned that I am tired of zombies?
Most of those things I liked at some point. Most of them I still like in some way. But all of them I’m tired of. I’m tired of hearing about them constantly, having them shoved at me all the time. Even — no, especially — when they’re “creatively” mashed up with each other.

A million thanks to blizack of Dungeonskull Mountain for passing this article along. The article perfectly sums up much of my thoughts tangentially related to gaming and gaming culture - especially what gaming culture has become (along with "nerd" culture in general) over the last decade or so.

Edit to Add: The first comment is pretty much my feelings in a nutshell:
But, I dunno, how about instead of watching a two-hour shot-for-shot duplicate of something you already have memorized, you go read a novel? One that doesn’t have elves in it? Or watch a movie that isn’t set in the future? Or listen to a record? There are other options. Liking something doesn’t mean ONLY liking that thing. Your life doesn’t have to be an endless series of reiterations of something you already know.
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