Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eh waah?

Yikes, sorry for the sudden radio silence round here folks! And just when I was getting some promising series under way. Isn't that always how it is?

Like last month, real life is conspiring to institute a blogging hiatus. Unlike last month, however, it's for a good cause: a week ago last Saturday we adopted a puppy. She's an Australian Shepherd-Corgi mix and is already proving a wonderful addition to our home. However, since the last time either of us owned a puppy was when we were little pups ourselves, we'd rather forgotten how much they take over your life during the initial training and socialization period. It's like having a somewhat simpler, less complex version of a baby. I honestly don't know how you bloggers who are also new parents manage it. The last ten days have seen me taking a crash course in training methods, dog psychology, the pros and cons of pig ears, and oh so much more - and all this after I thought I was ready for a dog before we got her!

Things will, of course, soon return to normal both in my own life and on this blog, so I appreciate you all hanging tight as you froth in anticipation of the next installment in the Gray Box Project and the Solo GPC chronicle. Both posts are currently sitting in unfinished draft form in my dashboard, frozen in time the day before we brought the pup home. We'll return to our regularly scheduled ramblings as soon as little Edie gives us a moment's rest!

Seriously, how could anyone blog with that looking up at them?

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