Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old School Roleplaying

Heh, no sooner do I announce a hiatus than I make a post!

(To be fair, Des encouraged me to take some time for blogging to let off some steam.)

And it's just a brief one. It's a quiet evening and I'm catching up on blog posts. I just read a very intriguing post over at Jeff's Gameblog. There's a lot of food for thought in the post and in the comments, but what I personally found most intriguing was Jeff's re-branding of the acronym "OSR" as standing for "Old School Rules" rather than "Revolution" or "Renaissance". (A commenter suggested alternately "Old School Roleplaying", which also has a nice ring to it.) I like this a lot because, to me, it broadens the old school movement to include more than just D&D. I started blogging right as the OSR was getting off the ground, so I've been along for the ride more or less from the beginning and frankly I'm kind of sick of it. It's been almost exclusively D&D focussed and, I mean, how many times can one wax philosophically about dungeon crawls, West Marches campaigns, and retro clones? Despite the fact that, even back in the day I never really played D&D "old school" style, it was all pretty interesting a couple years ago, but now not so much.

However, I'm still solidly in the "old school" camp because, frankly, I can't stand modern RPGs. Four-hundred page rulebooks, litanies of feats, powers, items, sooper classes, and gimmicky mechanics. Blech! (Yes, I know Old School doesn't necessarily equate to rules light, but even the most complex Old School games could barely hold a candle to the more complex systems of today.) At any rate, the re-branding of OSR to stand for Old School Rules works a charm for me. My system of choice is Basic Roleplaying and its derivitives (chiefly Call of Cthulhu and Pendragon), which is a very old school system indeed. If I were ever to play GURPS again, I'd most likely go the route of S. John Ross "Classic-Era GURPS" (scroll to the bottom for a definition), restricting myself to the 1988 3rd Edition Basic Set. And I'll always have a soft spot for Palladium, the most successful set of 1e AD&D house rules ever published. So even though dungeon crawls and Old School D&D was never really my style, I can firmly get behind the "Old School Rules" movement. Here's to the "new" OSR!
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