Friday, March 18, 2011

Banner Contest!

As of sometime in the last 24 hours I've picked up my 158th follower (and a big tip o' the hat to everyone who has come on board during my hiatus!). I'm not normally one to post about followers or anniversaries or what have you, but I notice this puts me right on the verge of leveling up to the exalted status of Pundit. With such an august title so close I can taste it, I figure it's time to make my triumphant return to regular posting and "bring it to the waltz," as it were.

I'll be kicking off a new series this weekend and I'm also planning to start up an irregular review column (mostly focusing on BRP products at least initially). And yes, GPC posts will return shortly, as will my promised mini-return to Rifts:2112.

So with all this activity, I reckon it's time to put up a new banner for the ol' blog. Normally I'd bung something together in Photoshop, but I'm having a hard time deciding on a direction. So I figured I'd open the floor up to submissions. If anyone out there wants to contribute something, just hit me up at the email address in my About Me profile with your submission. Sky's the limit as far as content/appearance, although I do tend to dislike banners that take up too much space (no shade on Shane's otherwise fantastic blog, but that banner is the Lil Wayne bling of the blogosphere). If I get multiple submissions and can't decide which one to go with, I'll put the matter up to a vote here on the blog. The winning entry will receive some sort of nifty super secret (read: I haven't thought of what yet) prize.

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