Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fight On! Back Issues Up For Grabs

I'm clearing some space off my shelves (as always) and I've decided to part ways with my hard copy issues of Fight On! I just don't refer to them often enough to justify the physical space, and I get by fine with the PDFs.

So: if you're interested in one or more issues, drop me a line at the email address to the left. I'm offering the issues at half off the going rate, but I'll also consider offers of trade or some combination of cash and trade. All issues are in Very Good to Near Fine condition, complete and unsullied by time or the elements.

Issue 1 (Spring 2008): $3.50
Issue 2 (Summer 2008): $4.50
Issue 3 (Fall 2008): $4.50
Issue 4 (Winter 2009): $4.50
Issue 6 (Summer 2009): $4.50
Issue 7 (Fall 2009): $4.50

First come, first served. I'll update this post as/when issues head out the door.

EDIT: All issues have found their way to new homes!
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