Thursday, February 10, 2011

Call for Submissions: Conclave of the Order

"It is time to compile a book of The Order of d30 tables."

So says commenter Matthew W. Schmeer in a comment on my hallowed Order of the d30 post. And by gar, he's right!

Basic membership in the Order, of course, is granted to anyone who implements Jeff Rients's "Big d30" house rule: once per game session, you may substitute the roll of a d30 for any other dice roll (save for attribute or hit point rolls).

But I know there are some Order members out there who have put together charts, tables, or rules for use with the venerable d30 (::cough::Chgowiz::cough::). So here's where I put out the call. If you've generated a chart, table, or rule for use with the d30, send it to me at my email: dlarkins78 at the Gmail type address. I'll give it a week or two to collect and collate everything, then I'll post a compiled PDF on this blog for all Order members (and non-Order members too, what the hell) to share.

So start sending 'em in folks!
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