Friday, December 31, 2010

[Solo GPC] The Great Pendragon Campaign: One Year On

I'd be remiss in letting this New Year's Eve pass without mentioning that it was one year ago today that Des and I sat down to play our first session of our single-player experiment in running the Great Pendragon Campaign. The weekend before Christmas we finished up the three-part adventure of The Grey Knight, bringing a close to campaign year 515 - exactly 30 game years from where we started out. As regular readers know, Des has defied the odds and is still playing her original character, Sir Herringdale (although Herringdale's retirement looms ever closer with every passing year).

Allowing for multi-session years like the last one, we've played somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 to 40 sessions over the past year, averaging a session every 10 days or so. Not bad at all, and a good pace to have the whole campaign in the bag by this time next winter or shortly thereafter.

I've had a real blast running the GPC so far and am very much looking forward to at least another year of it. I've had just as much fun chronicling the campaign on this blog and every positive word of support and encouragement has brought real joy to us - thanks so much!

Des's birthday was on the 29th and for one of my presents to her I painted up a little diorama of Sir Herringdale and his redoubtable squire Baldrick (along with Herringdale's charger, Smuggy IV) on a mid-winter's journey in the most recent campaign year. The miniatures are from Valdemar (who do an outstanding range of true 25mm medieval miniatures); when I came across the pair on the company website, I immediately thought of old Herringdale off on yet another errand in the winter of his years.

Des was very touched by the gift, particularly in light of Herringdale's impending departure from the main narrative.

Who knows where we'll be this time next year and what commemorative miniature I'll be painting up? Thanks in advance to everyone who indulges in reading my long-winded campaign updates - I know such things aren't to everyone's taste, but this thing's taken on a life of its own!

(Speaking of which, Parts II and III of the Grey Knight recap are due up in the next few days and we'll be returning to our semi-regular schedule once the Christmas-birthday-New Year's week is behind us. Happy 2011, all!)
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