Friday, July 30, 2010

Great Pendragon Resource

I came upon this website the other day while doing some Pendragon-related Googling. It missed my initial sweep of online Pendragon resources when I was preparing to run the GPC because, well, it didn't exist at the time!

Unfortunately, it's apparently already lost some steam and hasn't been updated in months--but Dr. Thijs, the blog's owner, can be given a pass, since he posted a generous portion of Pendragon resources in one fell swoop. Some I've seen, some I haven't; it's nice to have everything in one place.


Of particular interest to me is the Book of Maps entry, which expands the lovely full-color Salisbury map from Greg Stafford's site and goes one further by naming every damn manor in the county. Then, just to make my day further, a separate map details the major baronetcies of Salisbury. As my campaign is currently involved in county-scale politics, this was real boon for me.

Other personal favorites include the NPC Log and Romance Log (which will come in really handy if we end up running a courtly, Lady-centric campaign for the GPC's second generation) and a great one-page summary of a battle commander's options based on the results of his battle roll (sure to get some use between now and that possible courtly campaign...).

If you're running or planning to run a Pendragon campaign (particularly if it's going to be located in Salisbury!), check this one out.

Monday, July 26, 2010

[Solo GPC] 505: The Year of the Three Battles

In the wake of Elaine's departure, Broughton Hall was left emptier and more eerily quiet than ever. Herringdale easily secured the employ of a new steward, sending for the services of the steward of Burcombe in fact. But his youngest child, his daughter Lilo, was left without a mother and grew increasingly sad and despondent. As the snows began to fall, she grew ill. Yuletide came and went, and still Lilo languished. Countess Ellen sent her best healer trudging through the snow to Broughton, yet there was nothing to be done. Lilo had been sickly since birth, and at last the Reaper caught up with her. On a cold February night, she passed away in Herringdale's arms.

The dice dictated more cruel fate, but I chose to defer that until game play (an advantage of running the Winter Phase first!).

Monday, July 19, 2010

[Solo GPC] 504: Giant Changes

This was a year in which legends were born.

Yes indeed, among bards and court poets the tale of Sir Herringdale's encounter with the Giant of Burcombe would soon become a well loved and oft told tale. Among wags and gossips, behind the scenes and in hushed tones, the tale of what had awaited Herringdale when he returned home and the events that soon transpired would become an even greater topic for conversation. And in later years, the coming of the bandit known as Bright Flame would become the stuff of folk mythology among peasants, particularly the Saxon folk of the old kingdoms who longed to throw off the reign of the Cymric king known as Arthur.

But enough foreshadowing. Things are gloomy enough for Salisbury without casting more shadows.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Shorpy Sunday: This Is How I Roll

Oh sure, the description of this photo says it's been upholstered on the outside with reptile skin, but I know Deep One skin when I see it...


Monday, July 12, 2010

RPG Database Programs?

Anyone out there in Bloglandia have any recommendations for a good RPG database program? By "good" I mean basically a virtual notebook that allows me to track PCs and NPCs, collate monster stats, track calendar time, and so forth.

Platform neutral or Mac friendly would be preferred, since my PC laptop is woefully clunky.

[Solo GPC] 503: The Fall of London

(Ahem. The campaign has been moving along nicely, but I'm woefully behind on writing updates. Here then is the first...)

If this campaign were a video game, this year would have been a cut scene.

What I mean by that is that this was a year in which Herringdale was swept up in events greater than himself and largely stood by, impotent to help or attempt to make a change. There wasn't much in the way of dice rolling or action, but there was a fair amount of introspection into character motivation and mood. Accordingly, it was also a low point for Des as a player. Since I'm writing this update two (game) years further on, I can happily report that the despondence felt by both character and player was soon to lift, but this year saw a very real frustration set in.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shorpy Sunday

Hmmm, looking through my archives it doesn't seem that I have anything particularly patriotic. So in honor of all the grilling going on in the U.S. today, here's some meat.

(And I'm sure it goes without mentioning the intriguing set-piece possibilities this image conjures up for Cthulhu Keepers...)

Circa 1920
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