Friday, May 7, 2010

[Save vs. Sketchbook] New pieces

In furtherance of previous posts on the subject, and as part of my ongoing quest to make this blog as unfocused and scattershot as possible, I'm implementing a new feature which I'm cheekily calling Save vs. Sketchbook. This is where I post my latest fantasy-themed art pieces for your elucidation and viewing pleasure.

(Actually, it's just that my artistic output is so low at the moment that starting a separate blog would be kind of pointless. I suppose if I suddenly become some hotshot fantasy illustrator--ha!--I can always start a new blog just for the visual eye candy. Til then, though...)

I contributed three pieces to Jonathan Becker's upcoming B/X Companion project, and he's generously given me the go-ahead to post 'em here. The drawings were all for the monster section of the book. After recent posts over on B/X Blackrazor, I can see I'm in very good company as far as other illustrators are concerned, and the layout looks great too. I can't wait to see the finished product!

On to the draw-er-ings, then:

"Mummy Lord"

"Death Knight Riding Nightmare"

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