Friday, April 9, 2010

Links of Note

Hey, look at me--I finally get to make one of those "here are some links you should check out" posts! Even if it's only three links...ahem.

First up, ChristopherB of A Rust Monster Ate My Sword has returned from his wanderings in the wastelands and fired up a second blog, this one focused on miniatures games. The title of his blog is A Hard Won Thing, which he explains thusly:

Well, it's because that basically describes any game I've won in the last 20 years. I love gaming with miniatures - constructing plans of battle, mulling over tactics, etc. - but when it comes to making those dice work for me, forget it. It's a real struggle for my little lead men to pull out a victory, thanks more to fickle Fortune than to any major tactical flaw.

Boy, can I ever relate to that statement! I think I used up all my minis dice-rolling luck about 15 years ago during an infamous incident during the last game of Warhammer I've played to date in which I managed to turn a Balrog Bloodthirster of Khorne into a giant amethyst statue using my piddly little Level 1 Wizard. Was it worth it? Probably. But brother, have I suffered since!

At any rate, my own miniatures hobby has been more or less in suspended animation for far too long now, but I do enjoy a good miniatures blog. If you do too, head on over to A Hard Won Thing!

The other two links are back in the realm of RPGs, specifically Pendragon. I of course am not the only one chronicling the Great Pendragon Campaign, and here are a couple links to especially good efforts that in many ways put my own humble efforts to shame.

First up, we have The Cardiff Boys vs Pendragon; in case you can't tell from the title, the tone of the updates is decidedly irreverent. Several of the yearly updates had me literally laughing out loud, and I love the use of miniatures to create a visual narrative. But under all the irreverence, there's a great run-through of the GPC lurking, filled with plenty of high drama and reversals of fortune. The GM's use of visual aids is also notable, and a technique definitely worthy of unashamedly stealing. Plus, the campaign's sort of the antithesis of my single-player campaign, as it boasts (best I can tell) no fewer than eight player-characters!

Back to the idea of steal-worthy ideas, faithful Solo GPC commenter Eric Wilde has started up his own Great Pendragon Campaign, and has the website to prove it. Boy does he ever! A truly impressive piece of work, and as far as I'm concerned, the model for how to properly set up the Great Pendragon Campaign. His group's only one year in so far, but already there's been plenty of courtly drama and dramatic action. Subscribed.
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