Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life Imitates Unknown Armies

For me Unknown Armies is one of those RPGs that has lingered in the "would love to play it but probably never will" category ever since I picked it up years ago. Perhaps one day I'll get a chance to change that unhappy categorization, but in the meantime I do enjoy a good tidbit of high creepy weirdness that I can file away in a little Word doc I keep on my hard drive entitled (appropriately) highcreepyweirdness.doc.

A former coworker of mine, a librarian, recently posted this story on her blog. I read it and immediately thought, "Now there is an Unknown Armies story seed if I've ever seen one!" I reproduce it here for other lovers of high creepy weirdness and/or those lucky enough to be running their own UA campaigns at the moment:

A gentleman came up to the reference desk this afternoon. He wanted some information about a specific incident during World War II, relating to the Holocaust. I looked up some information for him and we were just generally speaking about it.
Another man approached the desk and said how amazing it us to hear us talk about the Holocaust. He said his grandfather had been a survivor. He'd taken the place of a rabbi who the grandfather looked like and gone into the concentration camps. He then told us that his grandfather was "kept with others who had information that the nazis wanted." He asked if we'd ever heard of Mengele. Then proceeded to tell us about how his grandfather was a genetic specialist, who assisted Mengele with his experiments. Apparently his grandfather knew how to work with genes and was able to help Mengele create super babies. The girls were lovely and smart, etc, etc. But the boys were all sociopaths. The man then said his mother was one of those girls. Then said both his brothers were bad. One in jail, the other, he didn't elaborate. But he, on the other hand, wasn't. And what was so different about him? Well, he'd been electrocuted 16 times throughout the course of his life. Supposedly, every few months, he goes in and is studied by doctors to find out why he isn't aging.
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