Thursday, January 21, 2010

[Solo GPC] Sir Herringdale, Knight of the Yellow Hand

[I realized I forgot to post a character write-up for Sir Herringdale when the campaign got under way. I'll do this for all further primary characters as they come into play, but for this case we'll just have to make do with a snapshot of Sir Herringdale at the start of A.D. 490, five years into his career as a knight.]

Sir Herringdale, Knight of the Yellow Hand, also called the Giantslayer
Personal Data
Age: 27 
Son Number: 1
Homeland: Salisbury
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Liege Lord: Earl Roderick of Salisbury
Current Class: Vassal Knight
Current Home: Broughton 

SIZ 10
DEX 10
STR 13
CON 19
APP 13

Damage 4d6
Healing Rate 3
Move Rate 2
Distinctive Features: Piercing Gaze; "Roman style" haircut
Hit Points 29
Unconscious 7

Personality Traits
Chaste/Lustful 13/7*; Energetic/Lazy 12/8; Forgiving/Vengeful 13/7; Generous/Selfish 10/10; Honest/Deceitful 11/9; Just/Arbitrary 11/9; Merciful/Cruel 16/4; Modest/Proud 14/6; Pious/Worldly 10/10; Prudent/Reckless 8/12; Temperate/Indulgent 13/7; Trusting/Suspicious 10/10; Valorous/Cowardly 17/3

 *Directed Trait: Lustful (Men) +5

Chivalry Bonus: YES
Religion Bonus: NO

Loyalty (Lord) 16
Love (Family) 15
Hospitality 15
Honor 17
Hate (Picts) 8
Hate (Saxons) 21
Concern (Commoners) 6
Love (Jordans) 15
Loyalty (Spouse) 12

Skills: Awareness (16); Courtesy (11); Dancing (2); Falconry (4); First Aid (17); Flirting (6); Folklore (2); Gaming (3); Heraldry (10); Hunting (12); Intrigue (12); Orate (6); Play Harp (3); Recognize (10); Religion: Christian (2); Singing (4); Stewardship (2); Swimming (2)

Combat Skills: Battle (13); Siege (2); Horsemanship (15); Sword (18); Spear Expertise (13); Dagger (5)

Equipment: Chainmail armor (10 points); Shield (6 points); Sword; Spear (2); Charger; Rouncey (2): Sumpter; Marvelous Goose

Notes: Herringdale's Family Characteristic is "Natural Healer"--thus his abnormally high First Aid skill. The Marvelous Goose is Herringdale's most treasured possession. It is literally the goose that lays the golden egg! He started play with it, as it was the result Des got from the "Cymric Luck Table" in The Book of Knights and Ladies. Every winter the goose contributes 1 librum of income through its golden eggs and Des rolls a d20; on a 1-3 the goose dies, on a 4-7 it doesn't contribute any income but rather lays a real egg that hatches a new Marvelous Goose. Last winter just such a Marvelous Gosling was born, so now Herringdale has two Marvelous Geese! Be a real shame if certain neighboring lords tried to come and take them away, wouldn't it?

Lastly, a note on appearance. Just like how we like to cast NPCs, we generally cast PCs as well. Our big 2006-2008 campaign featured Selma Blair, Ron Perlman, Benicio Del Toro, Heath Ledger, Lars Ulrich, and even Bill Kaulitz (as a half-fae knight) as PCs.

You'll have noticed Herringdale's distinctive features are "Piercing Gaze" and "Roman hair cut". So early on we cast none other than a young Jake Gyllenhaal as our hero. This was well before the "Brokeback Castle" storyline was even in a glimmer in my eye, mind you, and had nothing to do with its subsequent appearance, I can assure you.

Well, maybe a little bit...
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