Monday, January 4, 2010

[Save vs. Sketchbook] More Hot Character Sketch Action

I had a late Christmas surprise this past Saturday when I received a tablet PC from an old friend of mine. He had a line on a good deal and thought I'd appreciate one, since he knows I'm artistically inclined. And boy do I appreciate it!

In the wake of my last character sketch post, I continued on to noodling around with the other two characters in the party, but progress was slow as molasses. The digital drawing pad has changed all that, and simultaneously expanded my palette beyond mere pencil and paper.

First up, we have a revamped Rumple Wumpkin:

The digital drawing pad really let me go to town (maybe a little too much...) with adding texture and shadow. Tons of fun!

Next, I had more or less completed a second sketch prior to receiving the tablet, so I just scanned it in and, again, added shading and texture. This is Des's character, Pilar Lubani, a cleric of Alanna, Demi-Goddess of the Moon (pictured with her pet spider monkey, Luna). Pilar is a highland halfling, which are described as semi-nomadic llama herders; I got a real "pre-Columbian" vibe off of the sub-race's description, so I gave Pilar an intricate hair arrangement based on the type Hopi Indian women wore.

Last but not least, we have the third character in the group, a blind Southern Elf wizard/assassin named Beezlebub (the other two PCs refer to him as "Beezle", much to his chagrin; I might point out the questionable wisdom of mocking a wizard-assassin, but hey, they're not my characters...). (Also not pictured: Beezle's half-orc butler, a mute thief named Pagoda.)

This was the first sketch I did from scratch on the digital tablet, and I'm quite pleased with it. Of course, with all three sketches, I can look at them and instantly start picking out things that don't "look right" to me, but that's just part of the process of learning and growing in one's art, right? Right.

I sent the sketches out to everyone in the group and included a little bonus picture where I'd put everyone together for a "group portrait"--the characters are all in scale to each other, so not only is this a fun little larf but it will also allow the players to more clearly imagine themselves and their compatriots.

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