Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great News for Pendragon

Via RPG Blog II comes the news that King Arthur Pendragon will soon be back in print!

It's sort of a "new-old" publisher, actually--Stewart Wieck, formerly of White Wolf, has struck out on his own with a new company and brought the Pendragon license (and Greg Stafford) along with him. This is great news indeed, as the most recent edition of Pendragon and its essential Great Pendragon Campaign have been out of print (albeit still available in PDF) for too long now. Furthermore, although Greg Stafford has continued publishing supplements for KAP, they've been strictly a home-spun effort with a correspondingly high price point. Hopefully, Nocturnal will re-release these supplements under its own banner (and finally make them available in PDF form) at a lower price.

And hopefully we'll start seeing some more Pendragon material. Dare we even dream of seeing the pipe dream of a generic KAP-based system being released?
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