Monday, December 21, 2009

Today Was a Good Day

Lots of nice things happened today--not the least of which was coming home to find an unexpected chicken roasting in the oven--but the icing on the cake was getting my copies of the Pendragon Book of Battle and Book of Armies in the mail.

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

Anyone who's played Pendragon down through its various editions probably knows that the battle rules are the part of the game that leaves much to be desired. These supplements aim to change that.

I've only had a chance to flip through them cursorily (huh, spell check informs me that's a real word), but it looks like that goal might just have been achieved.

At the very least, the Book of Armies adds page after page of awesome foes to fight. My favorite so far is probably the Bandit Gang, which includes entries such as "Those guys with funny moustaches" and "That guy who flips the coin & his pals". There's also an alternative list called The Brute Squad, which simply consists of a guy named Brute Squad ("You are the Brute Squad!") and another guy named Dashing Fencing Avenger.

There are also battles that get their own special foes tables. Badon Hill has some particularly epic entries, as befits the epic stature of the engagement. The "Day 3" tables, for example, could have you facing a Blind Warlord being led into battle his Wounded, Battered Men, a Swooping Giant Hawk (if it hits, you get picked up and dropped in the next round for 3d6 damage!), or Old Saxon Witches riding Giant Dogs (watch out for their Deadly Eyes attack!).

Oh how I love this game.
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