Monday, December 14, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion Dept.

(We will return to our regularly scheduled gaming-related posts shortly; for the moment, please indulge me in shilling for something I think many of my readers would find to their interest.)

I think I've made passing reference once or twice to the fact my father, Dennis Larkins, is an artist. It's no doubt where I get much of my own eye for aesthetics and visual composition. And although he isn't a gamer, I think a lot of his imagery is very "gamer friendly"--for the past ten years or so he's been working solidly in a genre dubbed by those who like to sort things into categories as Pop Surrealism, which is sort of the "Kitchen Sink Coalition" of the art world.

Recently he's started producing limited-edition giclee prints of some of his more recent works. (Giclee is a relatively new technology that produces the effect and appearance of a painting as a print; having seen these prints in person, I can attest to their vast superiority over regular art prints.) I'm helping him experiment with selling some of these prints on eBay. There are currently ten images being offered, each in two sizes (16x20 and 11x14).

If you're looking for some pretty cool art for a holiday gift or just to decorate your own walls, feel free to click over to my eBay page and take a look!

And you can read more about my Dad's art career and see a gallery of his paintings at his website, StartlingArt.
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