Friday, December 4, 2009

Abulafia Rifts Oracle

JB over at B/X Blackrazor raised an interesting point last month with his series of posts on his love-hate relationship with Rifts: that the core book contains essentially zero info on what a "Rifts adventure" looks like!

Part of this, of course, is due to Rifts being a victim of its own expansiveness--in a kitchen sink setting such as this, there's about a million and one different ways to set up a campaign. But the point still stands, and I have to admit that upon reflection I realized that my idea of what a "typical" Rifts adventure looks like came from the supplements, particularly Sourcebook I's adventure. There are other publications that also offer excellent adventure seeds, but there's one free resource available that I'd forgotten about until earlier this week: the Rifts Oracle over on Abulafia. Like all the Oracles at that wonderful site, this one will, every time the page is loaded, spit out a short list of one-sentence adventure seeds. Here's some sample output from the first time I went to the link:
A City Rat who just stole the passwords to a military Cyborg control center
A small town dominated by a being from another dimension
A cyber knight with wounds that will not heal and a quest that never ends
A powerful magical ritual, requiring a pound of orichalcum, the semen of a righteous man, and a pre-Rifts computer chip in perfect condition

Fantastic stuff! I particularly like the last one; very Unknown Armies-ish. I think I know who the righteous man would be modeled on too...
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