Friday, November 27, 2009

[Save vs. Sketchbook] Otter Guard

Occasionally I feel the urge to get off my duff and crank out a character sketch. Strangely, this urge usually strikes strongest when it comes to drawing other people's characters in campaigns I'm running. I guess when I'm on the player side of the table I've got my own character pretty well pictured in my mind. Or maybe drawing someone else's character is a way for me to butt in share in the creative process?

At any rate, I'm currently working on some such sketches for my bi-weekly Wilderlands D&D game. First up is what is turning out to be the group's de facto leader, an Otterkin ranger named Rumple Wumpkin (no, I am not joking).

Modeled on Mouse Guard, the redoubtable Rumple was tweaked from the original C&C ranger class with a couple choice additions from the AD&D 2e Beastmaster kit (at my suggestion). As such, she has already amassed a small gang of animal followers, most notably a badger named Conan. Standard combat operating procedure has mostly revolved around Rumple charging into combat, flinging Conan at her target to throw them off balance as she brings her morning star crashing down on their skulls. Last session, Conan even managed to lay the final death blow on one opponent!

More sketches to follow as I get them finished...

(Oh, and a note on the broken pole--as I mentioned in a previous post, Rumple's 10-foot pole became a 5-foot pole when she tried to use it trigger a revolving door trap.)
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