Friday, October 30, 2009

My Campaign's Old School Street Cred Just Leveled Up

Appy-polly-loggies for the dearth of posts this month. November should see some more substantive content, including a return to the world of Rifts:2112. In the meantime...

Last night's Wilderlands D&D game saw--for the first time in my long and storied gaming career, mind--the successful implementation of a ten foot pole. Being used in the way the gods intended, as a method to trip a suspected trapped number puzzle lock. Even better? The player who was using the pole retrieved the poisoned darts that were shot out by the trap so she could smear the resinous poison on her crossbow bolts.

Unfortunately, the ten foot pole shortly after became a five foot pole when it was again employed to trip another trap, this one a revolving wall that took half the pole with it on a failed Dexterity save. So it goes.

As one of the other players commented, "God bless the ten foot pole." Amen, brother.
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