Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another Million-Dollar Idea--Stolen!

Like pretty much every gaming group ever, my groups have had a share of inside jokes develop over the years, especially with my old gaming group from high school and college. One of our most persistently-recurring jokes was the "War Lich", the symbol of ultimate GM dickishness. The "war lich", as we envisioned it, was simply a lich riding a beholder. The joke was that the "war lich" would be the monster that a GM would bust out to use against a party of hapless adventurers; "You better watch yourselves, or the next room's gonna have a war lich in it!"

Like I said, the war lich was never more than a conceptual in-joke, but I did do a doodle of one, on the margins of a dungeon map, during a game a few years back:

So imagine my surprise a couple weeks ago when, in the course of browsing around Monte Cook's site, I come across this little gem:

A war mind-flayer?

The similarities are...striking. Obviously this war lich idea had stronger legs than we ever gave it credit for.

Out of curiosity, is there anyone else out there who has ever envisioned (or even introduced) one monster riding another?
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