Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cthuloid Miscellanea

Like many gamers, I can count Call of Cthulhu among my all-time favorite RPGs. The game's been much on mind lately; I think I would definitely like to run a grand CoC campaign before the year's out.

Thinking of CoC reminded me of a couple of my earlier "fan efforts" inspired directly and indirectly by the game. In the spirit of Christopher B's awesome scanning project, I went ahead and scanned a printout that hangs on my wall (the original digital file is long gone), my first-ever bit of Photoshop manipulation:

I cranked this out on an old Mac about 10-12 years ago while fooling around with Photoshop for the first time. I took a still from The Maltese Falcon and dropped in a simple Cthulhu idol in place of the original MacGuffin. I love the result; it really looks like a group of intrepid Investigators contemplating a Sanity-blasting find.

Around the same time I also created my first web site. It was motivated by my interest in integrating some authentic period slang into the dialogue of my CoC Twenties-era PCs and NPCs. Finding sparse resources on the Net at the time, I made one myself and posted the results. I recently revamped the site after noting how run-down it looked and collecting some new entries.

Today, the "Internet Guide to Jazz Age Slang" continues to draw thousands of hits from around the world every year. If my old Guestbook (hey, it was the 90s) was any indication, most of the visits come from English students assigned to check out the page by their teachers, followed closely by writers. Hopefully plenty of CoC gamers have gotten some use out of it too.
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