Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coat of Arms

I 'Shopped together a coat of arms for the character I'm running in Des's Pendragon game, Sir Addonwy.

It's his second coat of arms, and is a variation on his first, which featured the oak tree and key--symbols of his parentage. He was born and raised at the Castle of the Maidens in the savage North; his mother was the high druidess, his father the seneschal of the Castle. He's added the symbol of the Virgin (despite being a Pagan knight) holding a shield with a red rose to represent his devotion to the Goddess and to the cult of womanhood and his Amor for the fair Lady Ahvielle, the Red Rose of Wuerensis. His "shield of peace" (or targe) is simply the image of the Virgin and rose shield.

Ah, I love this game.

EDIT: After our latest session, I modified the heraldry for, I believe, one last time. I'm quite satisfied with this version:

I replaced the rose shield with the Queen's coat of arms to represent my status as one of the Queen's Knights. The lower-right quadrant now bears red and gold stripes, the colors of the lady I've devoted my Amor passion to. The shield of peace will remain the same as stated above.
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