Saturday, June 27, 2009

I can resist anything but temptation

Yes, even though I've got as many arms as Vishnu and they are all very busy with gaming-related goodness, I can't switch off sufficiently to immediately want to drop everything and take advantage of two supplements which have come into the light of day in the last couple weeks. Let's see if I can express it in the form of a chemical reaction:

BRP Rome + GURPS Gladiators --> Me on the floor twitching and drooling with pure gamer-lust

I'm particularly intrigued by this tidbit from GURPS Gladiators: "Rules for tournament campaigns: the crowd's reaction, the referee's decision, victory-based character advancement, and gladiator ranks and prices."

I know that if I were to go and put on my as-yet-unwatched Season 2 DVDs of HBO's Rome, it would be all over. So for the sake of the stuff I'm working on now, Rome will remain unwatched...for the time being.
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