Tuesday, May 19, 2009

[Rifts:2112] Art Post IV

This will be the last of my art posts for the time being. Instead of focusing on particular artists as in the last two, this will be more of a general miscellany and roundup, analogous to my first art post.

OK, this is just about the perfect Lovecraftian Rifts image. If I produce a little document for my personal use, this will absolutely be the cover!

Although a bit out of period--note the clipper ship about to get swallowed--this is another monster I'll be adapting.

A still from Ghost in the Shell. My vision of Rifts Japan is straight out of 80s & 90s anime like Ghost, Akira, and even Tank Police.

A couple stills from a wonderfully cheesy 80s science-fantasy film. I forget the name, but once I remember it I'll be tracking it down for inspiration. I mean, just check out this villain:

Even he can't believe how awesome he is!

Lastly, a few pieces from the original Rifts rulebook. Aside from Perez, these are the sorts of pieces I'm drawing upon and re-emphasizing.

Kevin Long's Dead Boys are, to me, all-time classics. The "re-design" after Palladium dumped Long has, to put it mildly, never sat well with me. Classic Dead Boys all the way in my campaign!

This might be my favorite Kevin Long illo from the old Main Book. Nicely sums up the pure undiluted awesome of the setting.

One of the forgotten gems from the old Main Book is the work of Larry MacDougall. The man clearly saw the setting for its true post-apocalyptic self, and for that I salute him.

So that's it for art for now.

Next up: a post summarizing how I'm going to adapt and change Magic in the world of Rifts:2112, once I finish reading the excellent monograph, Mythos Magic (highly recommended for any Call of Cthulhu players out there, BTW).

And after that...I don't know. It's getting to the point where I feel like I've gotten most of my "broad stroke" ideas down and it's time to sit down with a few books and start making lists and doing conversions. And unfortunately, dear reader, that's not really something I'm at liberty to share. I'll probably end up sharing general progress notes, ideas, etc. For example, right now I'm trying to decide how best to approach dragons, both as foes and as PCs. I found a pretty decent dragon work-up over on BRP Central...but then I'm also considering adapting dragons from the d20 SRD, since I've always liked d20 dragon age progressions. We'll see.

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