Monday, May 18, 2009

[Rifts:2112] Art Post II

Since my last brainstorming-art post was such a success, I thought I'd do a few more.

First up, we have the one Rifts artist whose art, despite his strange fetish for tribal tattoos, I'm really keyed in on in terms of inspiration for the vibe I'm going for: Ramon Perez. Veteran Rifts players will recognize these from various World Books and such, but I'm looking at these images on their own merits. These are folks, aliens, monsters, and scenes I can imagine occuring in the Chi-Town 'Burbs, the Colorado Baronies, wherever.

Perez's vision of sorcerers and spellcasters fits in perfectly with the Lovecraftian-style magic I'll be implementing in Rifts:2112.
I love the patchwork nature of this guy's outfit. Very Mad Max.
An iconic City Rat if I ever saw one.
Perez's take on the classic (and very Lovecraftian) Black Faerie.
I think I've found my archetypal Techno-Wizard.
These speeders from New West are probably my favorite Rifts vehicle.
Perez's use of partial pieces of armor is visually compelling, and put the final nail in the coffin of any compunction I may have had of maintaining the RAW approach of full suits of armor being the only survivable option for Rifts characters.
That runic tattoo didn't inspire me to adapt Elric!'s rune magic system, but it didn't hurt either.
Another fantastic wizard.
This is pretty much how I imagine most factories and facilities operating in the post-Cataclysm world.
One of the things that made Warlords of Russia such an inspiration was Perez's mechs. To my mind, most mechs around the world should have this industrial, patchwork aspect.
And I don't think this sort of imagery should be strictly limited to the New West either.
The first Rifts campaign I ever ran featured an Atlantean Undead Slayer. This would have been his portrait if the art had existed at the time.
Amidst all my Mad Maxing and Lovecraftiness, sometimes it's important to remember that any take on Rifts, no matter how heterodox, can benefit from freaky, sky-surfing aliens.

I'll leave off with some great little character vignettes (one of which snuck in from a Rifter Beyond the Supernatural article--shh!). These would all make terrific PCs or NPCs and nicely sum up my vision of the imagery I want to focus on and evoke.

(Incidentally, check out those chemical slug-throwers she's armed with; this is why I want a preponderance of 'em--they just look cool!)
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