Thursday, April 2, 2009

What Happens When You Summon Godzilla

Seeing these two blog posts today reminded me I've been meaning to share a video. It's from North Korea and was Kim Jong Il's entry into "giant monster" cinema genre (I guess he fancied himself a cinematic impressario before becoming the focus of a personality cult). The full tragically gripping details behind the making of the film are another story altogether. Today I want to focus on the visuals. Check this clip out:

What I find so interesting about this movie is that it's set in "medieval" Korea. Have there been other giant monster movies set in pre-industrial times? At any rate, that right there is visual inspiration for all your "orientalist adventure" needs. To riff off Jeff Rients' point, if I were running an OA/Ruins & Ronin-type game, there'd be no dragons, at least not in name. Instead, I'd use the dragon stats to represent my giant monsters (daikaiju, if you will) as they rampaged across rice paddies and temple complexes. Muhahahaha.
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