Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lulu + WOTC=Raging Against the Machine?

I was going to post an update to my situation with Lulu, but I guess I should say something about the whole WOTC-PDF-OMG-WTF-BBQ thing that's going on. Actually, I'll let Scott over at World of Thool sum up my feelings:

This does not, however, ground the Airwolf-level roflcopter for folks who enjoy watching these things unfold. I apologize in advance for my shaddenfrooda.

Well said.

Apart from feeling badly for my friend Tim, who just bought three or four 4e PDFs last month and will no longer be able to access his downloads, I have no real emotional stake in this. I will say, just for the record, that I was probably going to buy a PDF of the PHBII, as I'm set to join my first 4e campaign in the coming weeks and wanted to play a bard, but I guess WOTC just lost out on that guaranteed sale. Sucks for them.

Now, on to the original point of this post: Lulu. Unlike WOTC, I can say that Lulu does a good job of correcting its SNAFUs. It took two days to hear back from customer service, and they wanted me to send them pics of the misprinted book. I did so, and heard back from them 24 hours later: they were printing a new copy and shipping it out ASAP. Five days later (which by Lulu standards is lightning quick)--about three weeks after I put in my initial order--I had a copy of Fight On! #4, the real deal, in my grubby little mitts. So jeers to Lulu for screwing up in the first place, but cheers for fixing their screw-up the right way, and here's hoping that's the only time I'll have to deal with that.
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