Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BRP Training Rules

I'm anticipating some potential situations in my BRP Banestorm game involving Des's character taking a year or more to train in a skill or suite of skills. As such, I'm lifting the Training and Practice rules from Pendragon's Winter Phase, converting them to percentile values, and dropping them wholesale into my campaign. Feel free to use these for your own fiendish purposes as well. Training montage optional but highly recommended.

Throughout the course of a campaign a character may, through patronage or payment, be able to take some time off to "train up" a skill or set of skills. The exact cost requirement of such training is left to individual GMs to figure on a case-by-case basis, but the time requirements are set. For each year a character takes to train, forgoing any other opportunities for adventure or self-improvement, the player may choose to apply one of the following benefits:

1. Raise a single attribute value by one point.
Restrictions: An attribute can not be raised higher than its maximum cultural/racial value, which is usually 15, 18, or 21. For normal humans in a primitive or pre-industrial society, no statistics may be increased after age 35.

2. Train Skills Up to 75%.
Get (1d6+1) x 5 skill points. Distribute the skill points among as many skills as desired, including skills which were previously rated at default.
Restrictions: No skill may be increased by 75% with this method.

3. Train a Skill Up to 100%.
Increase a single skill rated at 75% or higher by 5%.
Restriction: Even with this method, you can not train a skill higher than a rating of 100%.

Multiple years may be spent in training, although the GM may wish to impose a practical limit--say, four or five years--at which time the character reaches a point of diminishing returns. The GM may also wish to limit in advance which skills and attributes may be raised by any given training program.
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