Monday, March 2, 2009

The Urban Reconnaissance Robot, Model I (URR-1)

Submitted for your approval: a little write-up inspired by my last Rifts post, a Coalition mech designed to police and control the 'Burbs.

The URR-1 Patrolman

Forerunner of all its later mecha, the URR-1 was the first mass-produced mech design built by the nascent state of Chi-Town. Working off of pre-Cataclysm blueprints and computer models, supplemented by reverse-engineered D-Bee technology, the future Coalition State constructed a compact, rugged, surprisingly agile battle 'bot that has gone on to form the backbone of all CS urban and riot control units from Iron Heart to Lone Star.

Initially developed in response to the swelling, chaos-infested 'Burbs springing up outside the fortified Chi-Town complex, the URR-1 lived up to its engineering goals of being the "big guns" that are all too often needed in the urban jungles surrounding the utopian arcologies. From dispersing crowds to taking out an errant demon summoned by some bumbling Shifter in a botched sub-basement ritual, the URR-1 is at its best with small-scale encounters. The rigorous demands of urban warfare during Chi-Town's war in the ruins of Old Chicago in 12 P.A. led to the design and development of the equally venerable Urban Assault Robot, Model I (UAR-1), which still sees front-line duties in CS armies across North America. Also of note, the design of the URR-1 led directly to the development of the infamous Spider Skull Walkers.

Height: 14 feet
Length: 10 feet
Weight: 13.5 tons
Crew: 2
Cargo: A small storage locker for each crew-member; enough space to store a suit of medium armor, helmet, riot shield, and weapon.
Power System: Power cells (sufficient for 8 hours of continuous operation)
Black Market Cost: 15 million credits

Sensors: The URR-1 packs a sophisticated sensor array designed to allow it to operate in any number of hostile urban environments. Its tri-lobe sensors allow it to see in great detail out to 16 times the normal range. It also features sophisticated night vision, allowing the crew to see even in absolute darkness out to 15 meters, infrared sensors good out to 150 meters, and X-ray sensors that can see through 10 centimeters of any substance except lead up to 15 meters away.

BRP Stats

STR 90
CON 50
SIZ 70

Hit Points: 60 (Major Wound: 30)
Armor: 25
Power Points: 100
Damage Bonus: +8d6
MOV 10

* High-Powered Spotlight: Capable of illuminating an area or object of up to SIZ 30, this ultra-powerful spotlight can be overcharged to actually produce searing heat out to a range of 45 meters, doing 3d6 damage to any targets that fall under its beam. (Use the pilot's Projection skill to zero in the heat beam sufficiently to cause damage to a single target; inflammable material can be set alight with no roll.)

* Smoke Grenade Launcher: A dozen smoke grenades be launched singly, or in multiples of two. Each grenade has a range of 15 meters and blankets a 10 meter radius with impenetrable smoke (canceling normal vision; IR or Dark Vision function normally).

* Front Walker Legs: Specially weighted and reinforced, the URR-1's front legs can be used to bludgeon or knock aside impediments or oponents. Use the pilot's Brawling skill. Damage is 1d3+8d6.

Jump 45%, Listen 45%, Navigate 50%, Repair (internal diagnostics and repair) 55%, Spot 85%

Adaptation 2 (Cold, Heat), Armor 25 (Electric 25, Heat 25, Kinetic 25), Energy Control (Light 30, Darkness 5), Energy Projection (Light 3), Extra Energy 10, Super Characteristics (STR, SIZ, CON), Super Sense (Vision 4, Dark Vision 1, IR Vision 10, X-Ray Vision 1), Super Skills (Jump 1, Listen 2, Navigate 2, Spot 3, Repair 2)

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